Manufacturing plant

GMP, Clean Room, ISO certifications, motivated employees – this is what the manufacture at Hajduk plastična ambalaža means.

Along with the increased requirements on packing intended to come into direct contact with food, in 2013 our company successfully completed the investment and the equipment of the new production and warehouse plant with a control laboratory worth 18,000,000.00 HRK .In the process of development planning we were guided by the requirements of ISO 15378 standard, concerning the primary packaging material for medical industry, which is highly demanding in terms of infrastructure, equipment and staff training.

The total surface of the complex is 6500 m2 – the gross floor area of the building is 1320 m2 and of the green area 3500 m2. There is the possibility of expanding the production and warehouse capacities.

The building heating is provided by recovering the heat that is released from the production process and after fulfilling additional requirements we managed to obtain the energy performance certificate B.

For the purpose of caring for the environment, a controlled waste treatment was introduced.

The production takes place in two plants: controlled classified space – clean room Class D/8 and controlled unclassified space. Our facilities comprise 18 lines for the production of packaging items (bottles, caps, lids, volumetric elements).

The storage of finished packaging products is realized in a controlled environment.

A continuous training of our employees, according to the requirements of good manufacturing practice in pharmaceutical industry, greatly contributes to the quality of finished products. Regular medical check-up is part of the care for our employees’ health, and in addition to compulsory health insurance we also arranged a collective supplemental health insurance through an insurance company.

We provide our customers with personalized solutions; we specialize in developing specific solutions for each customer while striving to become a reliable, long-term partner both to our customers and employees.