“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

Guided by this thought, we build an awareness of continuous improvement and lifestyle in our company.

Every employee is a link in the chain of achieving quality, and relying on the people who constitute our organization represents a great value for the owners.

The efficiency of the process is continuously monitored through all the stages: the suppliers’ evaluation and selection; the entry control of the production materials; their storage and production; the checks of the finished products; their delivery and the monitoring of the nonconformity.

Quality assurance team in our own laboratory conducts a constant evaluation of quality parameters in relation to the defined requirements, specifications, regulations and rules. Additional assessments, such as microbiological tests and periodical calibration of measuring instruments are defined by agreements with accredited laboratories (internal calibration of scales is conducted on daily basis).

Our system is subject to customers’ audits, reviews by the competent inspectorate in various fields and assessments of the microbiological purity of the final product, the environment and the equipment. Resulting reports and feedbacks serve as the basis for constant improvement in every aspect of our business.

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