About us


Back in the 80’s, two brothers began to learn about plastic packaging (both of them civil engineers by profession). Danijel Hajduk and Vladislav Hajduk, today the owners of the company Hajduk plastična ambalaža d.o.o., are living proof that while we live – we learn.

After identifying the market need for certain products in the cosmetic industry, we began the collaboration with Slovenian plastic manufacturers, with whom we offered products to “Pliva Cosmetics” and “Zlatorog” from Maribor. The collaboration lasted for ten years.

In 1990 Hajduk plastična ambalaža was founded and a new business cycle, oriented to domestic customers like Podravka, Belupo, Pliva and Neva, had begun.

The production of injected and blow-molded plastic packaging was set up literally in our backyard, between our family houses.

Over the years, we have developed and grown with our customers. Together we have collaborated on various projects with the goal of perfectly adapting our packaging products to the customers’ product lines. Some of the most popular brands in Croatia are packed in our packaging solutions, including Podravka’s Vegeta, Podravka’s jams, Lino lada and others.

At the same time the quality requirements became more demanding. In 2001 we enlarged “the workroom” and implemented the ISO 9001 Quality management system – we trained our employees to work on the principles of registrations, controls, production process monitoring, work orders, production documentation and control of finished products.

By 2011 we outgrew our capacities and decided to build a new production and warehouse plant in accordance with GMP (Good manufacturing practice) standards. Soon after we started working on the preparation of the necessary documentation.

In May 2013 we obtained a certificate of occupancy for the new manufacturing plant located in the Business zone for the development of small to medium sized enterprises in New Marof.

The path that the company has undergone from its establishment until today shows how sincere dedication to business, motivation, closeness with employees and honest relationship with customers can lead to extraordinary opportunities. All we needed to invest was ourselves, personally as well as professionally.